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The explosive deployment of broadband IP network services like xDSL, MPLS or Metro-Ethernet and their rapid adoption by businesses present a significant opportunity for Service Providers. Yet the fierce competition to capture broadband customers has made it difficult for Service Providers to maintain high-margin services and strong competitive differentiation. At the same time, businesses are demanding a higher degree of network reliability as they become increasingly reliant on their Internet connectivity. Addressing both these issues, Cell Janus products allows any IP broadband service providers to deploy advanced, high-margin business services with high quality of IP services to customers simply and inexpensively.

Cell Janus is a next-generation of multi-WAN IP service gateway with Cell's proprietary Custom Real-time Intelligent Operation System (CRiOS) and unique Intelligent Packet Processing Engine (IPPE) developed and embedded into an appliance system. It provides sophificiated capabilities of link dynamic load balancing with inbound and outbound, stateful firewall, intelligent NAT (iNAT) and intelligent routing capability, QoS (Quality of Service), link monitoring and automatic failover that keep business connected even during link failure and support triple-play services at a quality level for enterprises and service providers. Cell Janus supports continued access to hosted servers by using an integrated DNS Server to direct inbound traffic through the backup link. It supports augmented bandwidth services by including dynamic session-based WAN load balancing for both inbound and outbound IP traffic. It supports multiples of WAN links that have different bandwidth capabilities and asymmetrical upstream and downstream bandwidth.


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Cell Janus CX Series
  • CX-2: 2 WANs+1 LAN
  • CX-3: 3 WANs+1 LAN
Cell Janus EX Series
  • EX-3: 3 WANs+1 LAN
  • Wireless Support

Cell Janus RX Series

  • RX-3 series: 3 WANs+1 LAN
  • RX-4 series: 4 WANs+1 LAN
  • RX-5 series: 5 WANs+1 LAN

Cell Janus TX Series

  • TX-5 series: 5 WANs+1 LAN
  • TX-8 series: 8 WANs+1 LAN



Ordering Models Cell Janus CX Cell Janus EX Cell Janus RX Cell Janus TX
System Specification Throughput: CX-2:40Mbps
Sessions Support: CX-2: 16K
CX-3: 32K
EX-3: 128K RX-3-300: 350K
RX-4-300: 350K
RX-5-300: 350K
RX-3-600: 600K
RX-4-600: 600K
RX-5-600: 600K
TX-5-1000: 1000K
TX-5-1200: 1200K
TX-5-1600: 1600K
TX-8-1200: 1200K
TX-8-1600: 1600K
WAN/LAN Links Supported: CX-2 :
- 2 WANs+1 LAN
CX-3 :
- 3 WANs+1 LAN
EX-3 :
- 3 WANs+1 LAN
Wireless Support*
RX-3 series :
 - 3 WANs+1 LAN
RX-4 series :
 - 4 WANs+1 LAN
RX-5 series :
 - 5 WANs+1 LAN
TX-5 series :
 - 5 WANs+1 LAN
TX-8 series :
 - 8 WANs+1 LAN
Operation Mode: Automatic Backup Mode
Inbound & Outbound Load Balancing Mode
Automatic VPN backup : CX/EX/RX/TX + VPN device
Support DMZ
Dynamic Session: Supported, based on Load Balancing
Per Link Configuration: NAT, PPPoE, Firewall
Network Support: IPv4, IPv6
WAN Load Balancing algorithm: Weighted Round Robin, Specified Order, Downstream / Upstream Equalized, Downstream / Upstream Threshold
Session Equalized, Auto Path/Hop Priority
IP Mapper & DNS Mapper technology
Global Load Balancing technology: Distributed Data-centers load sharing
Automatic Data-center disaster recovery
Load balancing with custom priority, Weighted Round Robin, Auto Path/Hop Priority
External and internal servers health monitoring
Feature Specification Link Monitoring: Reachability of up to 4 configurable IPs/host names
Remote TCP/UDP port monitoring
IP Forwarding: Support Static Routing, L4 Source/Destination Routing, LAN-side Routing
Support Transparent Mode on WAN 1
Reverse NAT
GRE Tunneling
NAT Configuration: Cell iNAT support none, 1-to-1, Many-to-1, Many-to-Many mapping
NAT ALGs : H.323, FTP, SIP
WAN IP Assignment: Support Direct Ethernet / PPP over Ethernet
Static IP / DHCP / PPPoE static IP override
LAN IP Assignment: Support Subnet Up to 8 full Class-A,B, or C
Support DHCP Server & Relay
Bandwidth Management: Class-based bandwidth control on each WANs
Latency guaranteed
DNS Server: A & MX Records served per Load Balancing or Backup Requirements
Support Public & Private addressing
Support IPv6 DNS resolve
Dynamic DNS Client and Server
High Availability Inbound Load balancing
Security: Stateful Inspection and Intrusion Detection
Individual host control
WAN Port Forwarding Security
DMZ support
Logs and Reporting: Support reporting via SNMP traps, syslog and email messages
Real time system traffic dashboard
Health, performance and utilization monitoring and reporting
Reporting on Day, Week, Month usage charts
System Architecture System Administration: Web-based, SSL secured
Command Line Interface (RS-232, SSH, Telnet)
SNMP Management: SNMPv3: MIB I, II, Enterprise
Cell Janus Centralized Management - Cell iCMS-Janus
  • Cell iCMS-Janus management for Cell Janus products portfolio
  • Java-Based Server-Client platform
  • 3-tiered network architecture design
  • Cell iPlug-in technology for integration of SNMP or Syslog devices
  • Multi-Asian languages supported
  • Multi-Platform capabilities supported
  • Remote device monitoring and Janus configuration supported
  • Janus device status update notifcation supported
Hardware Specification Hardware Appliance: Desktop
(239x30x156 mm)
(268x40x140 mm)
1U Rack-mounted
(430x44x277 mm)
1U Rack-mounted
(426x44x396 mm)
Physical Interfaces: CX-2: 4 FE Ports
CX-3: 4 FE Ports
EX-3: 4 GE Ports + 2 USB Ports
RX-3/4/5-300: 6 GE Ports
RX-3/4/5-600: 6 GE Ports
TX-5 series: 6 GE Ports
TX-8 series: 6 GE + 4 SFP Ports
LCD Display: - - Yes Yes
Target Market: SOHO and Small Business Medium size Enterprise Medium size Enterprise Large Enterprise, Service Provider

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